WWE News: WWE Claims ‘WWE Survivor Series’ Still Going On As Scheduled Despite ISIS Terror Threat

In what can only be seen as a shocking news report, ISIS has targeted the WWE event known as Survivor Series. Hackivisit group Anonymous has been uncovering documents and secret materials from ISIS ever since the Paris attacks about a week ago. They claimed that they would help to bring down ISIS to the best of their abilities and thus far, they have helped a great deal. WWE will be running Survivor Series out of the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia this Sunday night and the ISIS targeting is seemingly weird compared to other attacks they have done.

However, they have mostly been invested in going after people in sporting events as of late. The first place reportedly attacked in Paris was at a soccer stadium where an international match was going on. Then attacks happened around the city into a music venue among others. While a WWE event may seem like a weird target for ISIS, it does make a lot of sense with recent things they have done.

WWE is a popular brand and an attack on the Phillips Arena the night they were having a major event would certainly get some attention. The FBI confirmed earlier today that there was a terrorist threat against WWE at the venue, but there was no major update regarding if the threat was valid or not. WWE commented on the issue earlier through WWE Executive Triple H on Twitter, saying…

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WWE Survivor Series is currently scheduled as planned while we investigate the matter with federal, state and local authorities.”

Clearly this shows WWE is certainly not afraid of things and are confident in the Atlanta police department as well as the FBI to solve any issues before tomorrow. This obviously means WWE will have heightened security for the event so that no one walks in some sort of explosive or weapon. With the Americans recruited for ISIS, you cannot simply believe a man or women who looks middle eastern will have a device as they could be white or black just as easily. This is why you can be sure all will be checked as they come into the door.

WWE is certainly taking the ISIS threat seriously, but they will not budge from their plans to entertain and put on a great show for the fans.

WWE has a history of actions like this. They were the first major live event business to go back to work as usual after the 9/11 attacks. They had a live WWE SmackDown to show that was immensely patriotic. They continued to give back and have done a show for the armed forces every year in an event known as Tribute to the Troops, which was actually a JBL creation.

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WWE has given back a lot to the American Armed Forces and one of their first WWE Films was about a Marine. The company clearly believes that the United States comes first and will not back down from a terror threat. While the company will of course take all threats against them seriously, there is little ISIS can do to WWE to force them to not have an event.

Anonymous surely helped WWE out, as they helped to uncover a plot that may have happened against the company and potentially could have cost the lives of fans and even some of the talent. The FBI is working hard to try and pinpoint everything and WWE is of course cooperating with everything. We can assume by now that the arena has been looked over for an explosive or any sort of thing that can hurt someone.

The only thing we know as of now is that the FBI and Atlanta PD are on the case and WWE Survivor Series is still set to happen live on the WWE Network as usual. It will be interesting to see if some do not show up for the event due to the threats, however WWE may make it worth being there with the matches the put on. We’ll update as we know more.

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