Whoopi Goldberg and ‘Amtrak Joe’ Biden Take the Train Together

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg had quite the Friday, spending time with both the first lady and the vice president.

Goldberg participated in the White House’s workshop on Hollywood, which encouraged high school students to pursue careers in film. Goldberg, who shared the stage with actress Blake Lively and producer Harvey Weinstein, among other, had to leave the event early because she was taking the train. (As emcee Gayle King pointed out, Goldberg doesn’t fly.)

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“It’s just not for me,” Goldberg she said of flying.

“I don’t mind taking time,” Goldberg said, explaining why she opts for the train.

And “The View” co-host and “Sister Act” actress is probably very happy she took Amtrak, as she bumped into Vice President Joe Biden, known for years to his Delaware constituents as “Amtrak Joe.” For proof of the encounter the Veep posted a picture of the two together to his @VP Twitter account.

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