The Lost Wallet Experiment: Finding the World’s Most Honest Cities

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Lost Wallet on an Empty Street
Jeff Spielman/Getty Images

By Lisa Mahapatra

Helsinki, Finland, is one of the most honest cities in the world, while Lisbon, Portugal, is the least so, according to a social experiment conducted by Reader’s Digest.

Reader’s Digest wanted to know how honest world cities are, so it “lost” 192 wallets in 16 cities — that’s 12 wallets in each city — to see how many would be returned. Each wallet contained the $ 50 equivalent of the local currency, as well as a name, phone number, family photo, coupons and business cards.

In Helsinki, 11 out of the 12 wallets dropped were returned. In Lisbon, only one was returned, and that was by out-of-town visitors.

Here’s a map with the full results:

More from the International Business Times:


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