The 6 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations in the World

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By Robert McGarvey

These are the places everybody talks about — “you have to go!” — and when you get there, maybe only silently inside, you find yourself grumbling: Why did I bother?

It’s almost like the Yogi Berra line: Nobody goes there anymore — it’s too crowded. Except what you are thinking is: Nobody should go there. Overpriced. Rude and self-impressed. Nothing to do. Those are key reasons that make a destination overrated. Understand two realities about this list of overrated destinations.

  • Places like Bakersfield, California, and Camden, New Jersey, aren’t on this list, because they aren’t overrated. Ignored places definitionally can’t be overrated.
  • This topic breeds disputes. You may think that Berlin is overrated — overcrowded with tourists and mediocre and overpriced restaurants. I on the other hand adore Berlin (although acknowledging the food is blah, the only people there are out-of-towners, and the ghoul factor indeed is high). But just walking along the preposterously grand Karl Marx Allee makes me want to break into song. De gustibus non est disputandum. There is no disputing taste.

The aim here is to highlight destinations with very few lovers and an awful lot of haters.


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