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Zika Worries Mothers In Columbia Over The Future Of Babies Exposed To The Virus

Zika is a worrisome disease for many pregnant women, especially in Brazil, but in Columbia the disease is impacting expectant and new mothers in a different way. The mosquito borne illness has affected the fetuses of expectant mothers in Brazil on an astounding level. Hundreds of babies have been born with microcephaly, or abnormally small heads which will affect the ...

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My Rich Grandpa’s Money Worries Turned Me Into an Investor

Filed under: Life Stage Lessons urfin/Shutterstock Every one of us has had “aha! moments.” Epiphanies. Days when we reach a crossroads and realize that we have to make some changes. For the next two months, we’re sharing moments like those in our Life Stage Lessons series: Real stories straight from the financial lives of our DailyFinance contributors about times when ...

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