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Gary Johnson apologizes for ‘what is Aleppo?’ blunder in New York

Geography-challenged presidential candidate Gary Johnson apologized to his supporters during a campaign stop in Times Square on Saturday, and tried to make up for a foreign policy gaffe with an impromptu primer on Syria. The low-polling Libertarian nominee peppered his remarks with words like “rebels” just two days after he flubbed a question about the Syrian conflict by answering it ...

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Let’s watch Kristaps Porzingis dance to ‘What is Love’

If this basketball career doesn’t work out for Kristaps Porzingis, maybe he can play Steve and Doug’s lanky Latvian cousin in the sequel to “A Night at the Roxbury.” The Knicks’ rookie sensation has all the right moves to fit in right with Will Ferrell’s and Chris Kattan’s characters from the SNL skit turned box office bomb, grooving to the ...

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