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Lauren Holiday: Former Soccer Star To Have Brain Surgery To Remove Tumor, Waiting Until She Gives Birth Before Surgery

Lauren Holiday, a former U.S. soccer player, has a brain tumor that needs to be surgically removed. The tumor on Holiday’s brain is benign and does not pose a threat to her unborn child. Since the tumor is benign and not a threat to her baby, Us Magazine is reporting that Holiday has decided to hold off on having the ...

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This is the feel-good overclocking manga you’ve been waiting for

We’ve been waiting for a feel-good story about competitive overclocking for a while. Officially known as 87 Clockers, it’s the story of a talented violinist named Kanade Ichinose who falls into the high-stakes world of overclocking, drawn by the promise of fast women and faster processor speeds. It’s basically The Fast and the Furious for desktop hardware, especially once you ...

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Christian Bale’s Batman is the Steve Jobs performance we’ve been waiting for

For all his brilliance, Steve Jobs was a notoriously intense man — some would say even a huge jerk. He reportedly bullied and belittled others when they failed to meet his high standards. He went beyond the reach of the law in order to achieve his own goals, believing, according to one person, that “normal rules didn’t apply to him.” He ...

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