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Clinton groups half of Trump's supporters in deplorable 'basket'

When Hillary Clinton takes a look at Donald Trump’s supporters, she sees half of them as a basket of nuts.  Clinton ripped 50% of Trump supporters during a LGBT fundraiser in lower Manhattan Friday evening, grouping them into a “basket of deplorables.” “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call ...

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Donald Trump's new hotel in Washington DC to open in September 2016

Located a few blocks from the White House, Trump International Hotel will occupy the Old Post Office Pavilion Its signature room is the two-bedroom Trump Townhouse, which will be the largest suite in the capital Hotel will also include the 13,200 square foot Presidential Ballroom, restaurants, bars, a spa and fitness centre By Chris Kitching for MailOnline Published: 12:08 EST, ...

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Ben Carson distances himself from Trump's comments on 9/11

Andrew Harnik/AP When asked if he would blame George W. Bush for the 9/11 attacks, Ben Carson said “I certainly don’t think so,” and also said he doubts Trump actually meant to blame the former President for the attacks. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson distanced himself Sunday from Donald Trump’s controversial assertion that George W. Bush was to blame for ...

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