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Alzheimer’s Studies: Natural Treatments Are Shown To Be Effective

Multiple studies have been conducted to show the effectiveness of natural treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Would you try anything to help a loved one who is suffering from one of these troubling diseases? Alzheimer’s Association reports that scientific research by the FDA is not required for “medical foods,” herbal remedies or dietary supplements. Although these natural treatments for ...

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Could Oyster Mushrooms Hold The Key To Autoimmune Disease Treatments?

Scientists say that the oyster mushroom, an edible mushroom known scientifically as the Pleurotus ostreatu, may provide invaluable insight into our own immune cells and potentially help scientists develop new treatments for autoimmune diseases. The breakthrough research from oyster mushrooms couldn’t come at a better time. Currently, about 50 million Americans suffer from one of between 80 and 100 different ...

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Testosterone Heart Risk Shown To Be High, Treatments Increase Danger

Testosterone heart risk is shown to be high in testosterone therapy patients, increasing the danger by 29 percent, according to the latest studies. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a little bit of testosterone might be a good thing for women in the bedroom. But too much for men with signs of heart issues, might just be a nail in ...

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