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2015 MLB salary arbitration tracker

Of the 175 players to file for salary arbitration on January 13, 74 exchanged salary figures with teams on January 16. Among those exchanging figures were Mat Latos of the Miami Marlins, Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds, and Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets. As of the evening of January 16, 55 arbitration-eligible players remained without contracts for 2015. ...

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The smartest socks ever: hacking my running with Sensoria’s fitness tracker

I’ve recently discovered that running is a deliciously simple and effective way to get fit. In less time than it takes me to commute to my gym, I can experience all the sweaty goodness of a stress-relieving workout and take a tour of San Francisco’s beautiful neighborhoods. But I made the amateur mistake of assuming that since running is simple, ...

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