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Thor tchotchkes to brighten a fan’s Dark World

Working at CNET means working with people who know how to answer the question, “Most awesome Thor-related gift, any suggestions?” I was looking for something to entertain my convalescing aunt, who’s a big Thor fan from the Jack Kirby days. She’s embraced the current Avengers series, including the Hemsworth movie despite its lack of Donald Blake, and has been counting ...

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‘Thor: The Dark World,’ movie review

What weird sorcery is this? “Thor: The Dark World” may not be thunder from the movie gods, but it is — shock! — an entertaining journey into mystery, action and fun. That wasn’t a preordained outcome. Thor’s 2011 Marvel Comics film adaptation — a crucial set-up for “The Avengers” — was a dull deal, with giant robots attacking empty southwestern ...

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‘Thor’ Star Jaimie Alexander — ALMOST NAKED … at Movie Premiere

‘Thor’ Star Jaimie Alexander ALMOST NAKED… at Movie Premiere So … Jaimie Alexander won the “Thor” premiere last night. The 29-year-old actress — who plays Lady Sif in the movie — rolled up to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood wearing a dress that BARELY covered her lady junk. Asgard … meet Ass-guard. Get TMZ Breaking News alerts to your ...

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