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Gwyneth Paltrow — LAPD Says Alleged Stalker Still A Real Threat

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s alleged stalker is still a threat to the actress … no matter what the jury said in his felony stalking case — so says the LAPD.  LAPD cops with direct knowledge of Dante Soiu tell us … they’re surprised a jury found him not guilty, but it doesn’t mean Gwyneth is safe. Soiu has showed signs of mental instability ...

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Gwyneth Paltrow — Alleged Stalker NOT GUILTY … Walks Free

Breaking News Gwyneth Paltrow‘s alleged stalker has been found NOT GUILTY … a stunning development given the fact that Gwyneth told the jury the guy scared her to death. Jurors not only found Dante Soiu not guilty on all charges, there was no recommendation that he be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.  Paltrow testified that Soiu threatened to use a scalpel ...

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‘Baywatch’ Star Alexandra Paul — Stalker Gets Restraining Order… ‘Stop Harassing Me!’

‘Baywatch’ StarStalker Gets Restraining OrderStop Harassing Me! Exclusive “Baywatch” star Alexandra Paul has just been ordered by a judge NOT to harass her stalker … bizarre but true. It all started back in 2011 … when Nicole Albrecht — a German citizen — and her 8-year-old brother knocked on Alexandra’s door at her home in Pacific Palisades and asked to ...

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