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Dogs That Can Smell Cancer: Meet The Canine Friends At The Forefront Of Early Diagnosis

Dogs that can smell cancer may be the newest tool in early detection and treatment of some forms of the dreaded disease, CNN is reporting. For over 25 years, medical researchers have seen promise in cancer detection from our canine friends. The first documented and studied case of a dog sniffing out cancer dates from 1989, when British medical journal ...

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Scot Joy Milne Can Smell Parkinson’s — Woman’s Nose Leading To Life-Changing Test

Doctors diagnose Parkinson’s Disease today much the same way they did 200 years ago, by looking at a person’s symptoms. But thanks to a Scottish woman named Joy Milne, who has a super-human sense of smell, one day they may be able to diagnose the disease with a simple skin swab. Joy Milne, a former nurse, lost her husband, Les, ...

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