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Beauty Tips Help Women To Defy Their Age While These Tips From Grandma Actually Work To Help Keep Skin Young And Healthy

Aging not only brings with it the wisdom, but also gravity seems to drag everything down. Sags, bags, and wrinkled skin can leave women feeling less than beautiful. There are simple things women can do to create a beauty routine that is effective, keeps skin looking younger, and doesn’t take all day to do. These beauty tips will help you ...

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Count The Number Of Moles On Your Arm To Predict Chances Of Skin Cancer, More Than Eleven Increases Risk

Live Science reports on a study of the deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma, which can help determine increased risk by a simple metric that anyone can use for the purposes of helping a doctor in their individual patient care. Women who have at least seven moles on their arm would likely to have at least fifty moles on their ...

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28 Remarkable Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin Care, Hair And Health

Turmeric, also known as ‘haldi’ in India, is a popular deep yellow, earthy spice that’s probably best known for its association with curries and mustards. Considered an herbal remedy due to its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties, Turmeric carries with it amazing medicinal benefits and is used to decrease depression, Alzheimer’s disease, fibromyalgia, headaches, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and other chronic illnesses. ...

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