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Schumer said in 1999 Senate wasn’t like a jury box and was ‘susceptible to the whims of politics’

Schumer’s past comments are the latest example of how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are having to confront their prior positions on impeachment that appear to conflict with their present-day statements. In recent days, Schumer has slammed McConnell ahead of Trump’s trial, saing he was “utterly amazed” by McConnell describing himself as not impartial. “Let the American people ...

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Remember when Mike Bianchi said UCF and USF are better than Ole Miss and MSU?

A terrible newspaper columnist wrote a terrible sports thing in June. It seemed pretty terrible at the time, but has since been proved INCREDIBLY terrible. SAFETY NOTE: The following dissection of a June 2014 Wild Sportspinion by Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi was done by a trained professional in a controlled environment. We at SB Nation do not recommend you ...

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