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Up To 90 Percent Of Adverse Reactions Unreported, Pharma Companies Search Social Media To Make Drugs Safer

Some reports show that up to nine out of 10 adverse reactions from drugs go unreported. In an effort to find those possible adverse drug reactions in medications, pharmaceutical companies are reportedly searching social media for a better chance at learning of potential adverse drug reactions. There are many potential adverse drug reactions that patients might not think of to ...

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Portland enlists big data to make biking safer

Margi Bradway noticed something peculiar when she went on a biking trip last year. Before her friends got on their bikes, they all pulled out smartphones. “Everyone was clicking on their Strava,” she recalls. Bradway, the active transportation policy lead at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) at the time, had an idea. Could data collected by Strava, a popular ...

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