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SOAR dunk team shatters backboard with ridiculous dunk

Aaron Gordon only looked like he was leaping off a trampoline in Saturday’s NBA slam dunk contest. These members of Liberty University’s SOAR ministry dunk team actually were, and their display of air-time reached its crescendo with a backboard crushing slam. TOP-10 BACKBOARD BREAKING DUNKS @discovercentral/via twitter A trick dunk group that uses trampolines shattered a backboard during its routine. ...

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NFL stars 'say' ridiculous things in Bad Lip Reading

[embedded content] The made up discussion on the field and on the sideline are way more entertaining than anything that’s actually said during an NFL game. The geniuses behind Bad Lip Reading are at it again, just in time for the Super Bowl, and on Tuesday dropped Part I of the 2016 edition of the annual mock season recap. NFL ...

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