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Samsung Says Stop Using Galaxy Note 7 Now And Get A Replacement

Following multiple reports about the Galaxy Note 7 exploding, Samsung has issued a statement urging its customers to exchange their existing Galaxy Note 7 immediately by participating in the replacement program. Launched in early August, Samsung announced an unprecedented recall of over 2.5 million units after some reports of the phone catching fire and exploding emerged in the past few ...

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Obama on Nominating a Replacement for Scalia: 'The Constitution Is Pretty Clear'

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, President Obama spoke about replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died on Saturday. “I’m shocked,” said Obama, jokingly, upon hearing that the first question asked after his remarks at U.S. ASEAN Leaders Conference was not about the ASEAN Leaders Conference. He first expressed, again, “heartfelt condolences to the Scalia family,” calling him a ...

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