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IRS Audits Aren’t as Scary as They Really Ought to Be

Filed under: Taxes, Audits, Income Tax, IRS, Tax Laws Cassandra Hubbart/AOL Few things inspire more fear among Americans than the threat of an audit from the Internal Revenue Service. Indeed, many taxpayers choose not to take deductions or credits that they’re legally entitled to because they think that claiming those tax breaks will raise red flags that could inspire an ...

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Taylor’s not really Swift on the pickup

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Taylor Swift, who’s made a career out of dating guys then writing songs about them, may have some new material as English actor Douglas Booth gave her the brush off.  Taylor Swift will start the new year in a familiar place: alone. Her latest crush, English actor Douglas Booth, has told pals in London that he’s not ...

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Lady Gaga to perform in space (no, really!)

To her fans, Lady Gaga is already out of this world as a performer, but now she will literally perform out of this world. The 27-year-old pop star is set to perform the first-ever concert in space as part of Zero G Colony, a three-day music festival, in early 2015. The “Applause” singer confirmed her appearance on Wednesday, tweeting the ...

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