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Dunkin’ Donuts To Phase Out Titanium Dioxide From Its Powdered Doughnuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has agreed to remove titanium dioxide from its doughnuts after two years of pressure from the non-profit advocacy group, As You Sow. Titanium dioxide is what Dunkin’ Donuts uses to make their powdered doughnuts white. A common whitener found in many processed foods, the FDA allows up to one-percent of the total ingredients to contain the substance without ...

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Powdered alcohol receives approval for sale in the US

The controversial powered-alcohol pioneer Palcohol has had its product approved for sale in the United States — properly this time. Palcohol came under a lot of criticism last year when it initially launched with a website promoting irresponsible uses of its product, a powder that you can mix with water to create an alcoholic drink. Even after cleaning up its website, Palcohol then ...

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