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Researchers Find Potential Link Between Air Pollution And Alzheimer’s Disease

Air pollution may be contributing to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, especially for people living in cities. A new study found tiny magnetic particles from air pollution could enter the human brain and increase the production of free radicals. Scientists believe there is a distinct possibility these free radicals could accelerate certain brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. After analyzing the brain ...

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Air Pollution Causes Obesity? Breathing In Smog Can Cause Cardio-Respiratory And Metabolic Dysfunctions Raising Risk Of Abnormal Weight Gain

Air pollution may be causing obesity. A new study has indicated that breathing in smog causes abnormal weight gain. A new study by Duke’s University, USA indicates breathing in polluted air for just a few weeks can substantially increase the risk of obesity. Smog, which is common in cities, isn’t just responsible for causing cardio-respiratory and metabolic dysfunctions, but may ...

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Fears of Brazil dam mud pollution

Fears Brazil dam mud may cause severe sea pollution 21 November 2015 From the section Latin America & Caribbean Image copyright Reuters Image caption Oil barriers were placed at the mouth of the Rio Doce to protect the vegetation from the mud before it arrives. A wave of toxic mud in the Rio Doce river in Brazil from a collapsed ...

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