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Several Dentists Take Part In Dentist With A Heart Program

Several dentists in different parts of the country have been, and still are, taking part in the Dentists with a Heart Program. The Dentists with a Heart Program is a great program that allows for those who don’t have dental insurance, are out of work, or just can’t pay for their dental exam, to come in and get certain things ...

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Patients Have Been ‘Waking Up’ During Surgery, Surprisingly Pain Isn’t The Worst Part Of The Experience

Surgeries can be a pretty nightmarish experience. The mere thought of being cut open and operated by a surgeon is enough for most people to cower in fear and seek alternative treatment methods. Now imagine “waking up” while a surgeon operates on you. Though it sounds horrific, the biggest-ever study of this phenomenon is shedding light on what such an ...

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New Body Part Discovered, But You May Not Even Have It

If think you’re familiar with the human anatomy, think again. Scientists at University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium discovered a new body part inside the muscles and tendons of the knee. The new part, called the anterolateral ligament (ALL), was dissected for the first time in a new study published this week in the Journal of Anatomy. According to the researchers, ...

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