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'I was never scared – I had a salad baguette in my bag': Tourists trapped overnight in cable cars above French Alps tell how they survived -10C conditions without coats

110 people became trapped in the cable cars at 4pm yesterday when cables became tangled in high winds The cable links the spectacular Aiguille du Midi station in France to the Italian Punta Helbronner station  French and Italian rescuers brought 65 sightseers to safety, but remainder spent terrifying night in cabins British, US, Italian, French and Korean tourists among 33 ...

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Your iPhone Could Be Making You Fat Overnight, Here’s How

Only a complete technophobe would deny that iPhones can be useful for a whole range of activities and leisure pursuits, but it might alarm you to know that smartphones in general are also quite effective at making people fat — quite literally overnight. Here’s some food for thought: The next time you leave your iPhone, iPad, or one of the ...

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