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FXX will finally stream The Simpsons in original 4:3 format

Last summer, fledgling cable network FXX played a week-and-a-half-long marathon of every Simpsons episode up until that point, making it event television for fans everywhere. Unfortunately, purists quickly noticed that, in broadcasting the series in 16:9 format, many of the show’s funniest early sight gags were being cropped out. Since then, only the recut versions have been available online. That oversight is ...

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BitTorrent partners with studio to make more original, exclusive video content

BitTorrent has had ambitions to be a player in the content space for some time now. The company’s BitTorrent Bundles currently offer a variety of movies and music — most of which are smaller, independent releases, but the company also works with high-profile studios and artists like Sony Pictures Classics, Universal, Madonna, and Thom Yorke, the latter of whom put out ...

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