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Smartwatches aren’t what we expected, and that’s okay

Let’s face it, smartwatches aren’t what we expected them to be. Dreams of a world managed from your wrist — control over your budding smart home, curated notifications to cut down on the noise, and excellent health-tracking features — have been replaced by the reality of an inconsistent drip of half-baked apps, a constantly vibrating wrist, and a glorified FitBit ...

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Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott ‘okay’ after spring break attack

Prescott was one of three players reportedly involved in the incident. Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott was one of three players involved in an altercation during a Tuesday concert in Panama City. Prescott suffered facial cuts after being hit with a bottle, a Mississippi State spokesperson told the Associated Press. He did not need to go to the hospital. Via the ...

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