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Micronesian Teenager Receives Fully Functional 3D Nose Following Live Wire Accident

A teenager gets a second chance of having a normal life through the help of three-dimensional printing technology. When Dalan Jennet was just nine years old, he tripped on a live power line in an accident that left his face severely burned. He lost most of his nose because of the extensive injuries. (Photo via Dalan Jennet, Facebook) Six years ...

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Scot Joy Milne Can Smell Parkinson’s — Woman’s Nose Leading To Life-Changing Test

Doctors diagnose Parkinson’s Disease today much the same way they did 200 years ago, by looking at a person’s symptoms. But thanks to a Scottish woman named Joy Milne, who has a super-human sense of smell, one day they may be able to diagnose the disease with a simple skin swab. Joy Milne, a former nurse, lost her husband, Les, ...

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Kris Jenner ‘furious’ over Khloe Kardashian nose job comments

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Khloe Kardashian reportedly irked mom Kris Jenner with comments she made to Cosmpolitan UK. Kris Jenner is reportedly steaming mad about an interview daughter Khloe Kardashian gave to Cosmopolitan U.K. for the February issue. The 29-year-old reality star opened up about her rocky year, and revealed a tidbit about her family life that Jenner wasn’t too fond ...

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