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Jimmy Graham got a penalty because of the NFL’s dumb new rule

The Seahawks tight end got flagged for pulling a player off the pile and trying to keep a scrum from getting ugly. Way to go NFL! Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham was trying to prevent a scrum from getting out of control in the second quarter of the Seahawks-Panthers game. Instead, he got a penalty, thanks to a dumb ...

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NFL’s Orlando Scandrick — Shoots Down Wedding In Cowboys Stadium

EXCLUSIVE Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick LOVES the team — but tells us when it comes to his wedding day, he won’t be trying the knot in Jerry’s World.  Orlando was out in Hollywood Tuesday night with his reality star GF Draya Michele — the self-proclaimed “sexiest couple ever” — when we started talking marriage.   But when we asked ...

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Don’t Strip Away the NFL’s Tax Exempt Status

Every dollar of income that is earned in the National Football League – from game tickets, television rights fees, jersey sales and national sponsorships – is subject to tax. None of this income is shielded in a tax-exempt entity. Instead, the NFL’s 32 clubs pay tax on all of these revenues. Claims that the NFL is using a tax exemption ...

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