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'Big Air at Fenway' ski ramp 3-times taller than Monster

Expect to see sliders thrown at Fenway later this week. Boston’s historic ballpark will see Olympic skiers and snowboarders launching themselves down a 140-foot-high ramp and executing acrobatic maneuvers off a jump in the middle of center field. YANKEES TURN RUTHLESS IN TWITTER BEEF WITH CUBS @FenwayPark Skiers and snowboarders will take over Boston’s famed Fenway Park Thursday and Friday ...

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Concept for NASA’s monster rocket passes critical test — and gets an updated look

The design for NASA’s future monster rocket — dubbed the Space Launch System (SLS) — passed its last critical design review. That means NASA found that the vehicle’s specifications hold up, and the agency has deemed the design capable of launching into space. Now, engineers can begin the process of building and assembling the rocket, to get ready for its ...

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Monster storm roars into Philippines

Mai Zamora from the charity World Vision said “galvanised iron sheets were flying just like kites” Typhoon Haiyan is battering the central Philippines with ...

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