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Kristen Wiig dresses as Peyton Manning on Fallon Show

[embedded content] For the second time in as many nights, Peyton Manning joined “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” But on Thursday, he looked a little different. Kristen Wiig, master of impersonations and improvisation, dressed up as the recent Super Bowl 50 champion in complete football gear and answered Fallon’s questions. MAGIC JOHNSON ASKS PEYTON MANNING TO PLAY FOR LA ...

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Cam Newton Press Conference: Is Media Racist? Peyton Manning Was Worse After 2010 Loss, Columnist Says

Cam Newton, the 26-year-old Carolina Panthers quarterback, seemed to make as many headlines with his petulant post-game press conference after Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos as he did with his performance in the game itself. Newton gave one answer of any length in his two-plus minutes at the podium, stuck to monosyllables and short, two-and-three-word snippets ...

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Brett Favre whispers congrats to Peyton Manning from tree

If Brett Farve whispers congratulations to Peyton Manning from a tree, can the Broncos quarterback hear him? “Hey Peyton, I’m in a tree stand,” a camo-clad Favre says in a hushed tone, his bow hanging from a tree branch behind him. “Yeah, you’ve interrupted me again. Anyway, man, I’m very happy for ya. Congrats. But now you have to take ...

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