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Coffee Lowers Death Risk: Moderate Consumption Helps Longevity, Suggest Studies

A few cups of coffee a day lowers death risk, indicated researchers from the Harvard. People who drink coffee daily are less likely to die from heart disease, neurological disease, type 2 diabetes, or suicide as compared to people who do not, concluded a new study. A new study, published by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, studied ...

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Coffee Lowers Death Risk, Boosts Weight Loss, & Battles Depression: Here’s How Much Coffee Benefits Most

Coffee lowers your death risk, but in order to benefit, you need to know just how much coffee is the ideal amount. A new study provides the answer while showing that coffee lowers the risk of some types of cancer while improving the health of your liver and brain, reported UPI. Just a cup a day won’t do it, however. ...

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NHL trade deadline: Ryan Callahan lowers asking price

The New York Rangers and captain Ryan Callahan still remain apart on money, but the gap is shrinking between the two sides. The New York Rangers reportedly have two plans of action: sign captain Ryan Callahan to an extension before Wednesday’s trade deadline or trade him before Wednesday’s trade deadline. Given Callahan’s exuberant contract request, it seemed like the latter ...

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