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Southwest Airlines Is Allowing Its Racist Passengers To Kick Muslim Passengers off Their Flights [Updated]

“You Are Now Free To Move About The Country” became a wildly outdated slogan for Southwest Airlines as of this week. Perhaps the addition of the phrase “If Not A Minority” would help. The world’s largest low-cost airline carrier allowed a few racist passengers to oust Arabic-speaking and Muslim passengers on two separate flights this week, quickly becoming the official ...

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Kid delivers out-of-nowhere flying kick in soccer brawl

[embedded content] This soccer player took the term “studs up” to new heights. A scuffle on the pitch featured an out-of-nowhere flying kick, sending one of the fight’s combatants onto the turf. RELATED: BRAZILIAN SOCCER REF PULLS GUN FOLLOWING RED CARD The clip shows a soccer goalie trying to break up a seemingly one-sided fight, with a player in a ...

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Smokers More Likely To Kick The Habit On Mondays

It might seem like a strange statistic, but a new study discovered smokers are more likely to kick their habit on a Monday (or at least consider it). The statistic comes by way of a study on Google searches, which shows that more people search for “quit smoking help” and similar terms on Mondays. Searches for smoking help then decline ...

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