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Eating Fish While Pregnant Increases Risk For Childhood Obesity

Eating fish while pregnant increases the risk of childhood obesity, especially in kids between 4- and 5-years-old. A new study found that mothers who eat fish three or more times a week during pregnancy are more likely to have overweight children than pregnant mothers who ate little or no fish. According to an L.A. Times report, the researchers could only ...

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Count The Number Of Moles On Your Arm To Predict Chances Of Skin Cancer, More Than Eleven Increases Risk

Live Science reports on a study of the deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma, which can help determine increased risk by a simple metric that anyone can use for the purposes of helping a doctor in their individual patient care. Women who have at least seven moles on their arm would likely to have at least fifty moles on their ...

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Money Minute: Stores Open Early for Black Friday, Online Shopping Increases

Filed under: Market News, Stocks Walmart (WMT), Best Buy (BBY), Macy’s (M), J.C. Penney (JCP) and other big chains kicked off their Black Friday sales earlier than ever. And while shoppers lined up last night and early this morning, there are signs that more and more people are doing their gift buying from the comfort of home. A report from ...

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