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Mike Tyson takes ugly fall off hoverboard in Instagram video

First it was James “Buster” Douglas, now a hoverboard has knocked out Mike Tyson silly. The former heavyweight champ took an ugly fall while trying to ride the self-balancing scooter, slamming back-first onto the ground with a loud thud in a video posted on his Instagram page Tuesday. Since Tyson likely uploaded the clip himself we’re assuming he’ll be OK ...

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Razor promises its Hovertrax hoverboard won’t catch fire or explode

The hoverboard was undeniably the breakout gadget of 2015. So it’s only fair the self-balancing two-wheeled scooters would show up in full force here at CES 2016, and Razor’s Hovertrax is among the most talked about models in the category. That’s because the brand known still for its handlebar toy scooters says its the only company legally allowed to sell ...

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