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Kevin Hart — SCHOOLED By Mo’ne Davis … In Celeb Hoops Game (Video)

Kevin Hart might be a little dizzy ’cause Little League legend Mo’ne Davis just put him in the SPIN CYCLE in the Sprite NBA Celebrity Hoops Game moments ago. Hart — who’s a 3-time Celeb Hoops MVP — caught himself in the unenviable position of being one-on-one with Davis … who just ate his lunch during a ridiculous drive to ...

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Greg Anthony — NCAA Hoops Analyst Strikes Plea Deal In Prostitution Case

breaking news College basketball analyst Greg Anthony — a former NBA player — has banged out a plea deal in his prostitution case … which will keep his (alleged) hooker-lovin’ ass out of the pokey.  The 47-year-old was arrested for soliciting a prostitute at a D.C. hotel back on January 16th — but today in court, officials agreed to drop ...

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