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Here's What Happens When You Post a Gun on Social Media and You're Not Jeb

Earlier today, after a campaign stop at the FN America manufacturing plant in Columbia, South Carolina, Jeb Bush tweeted a photograph (caption: “America.”) of a .45-caliber handgun engraved with his name. As it happens, FN America is a subsidiary of the Belgian company FN Herstal, which, the Washington Post points out, was requisitioned by the Nazis in its previous incarnation ...

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Here's a Video Of Some Psychos Flying Into the Eye of Hurricane Patricia

I understand the value of meteorology, really I do. I understand that we need people who are brave enough — and crazy enough — to fly head first into storms in order to gather data on how severe a storm is and where it’s heading, crucial data that could help save the lives of thousands of people. However, when I ...

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