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Gregg Popovich not happy with New Hampshire primary results

There is something Spurs coach Gregg Popovich dislikes more than in-game interviews: the New Hampshire primary results. Popovich, who joined TNT’s David Aldridge after the first quarter of Tuesday’s game vs. the Miami Heat, gave his usual terse assesment of his team during the interview until Aldridge finally piqued Popovich’s interest when he asked the Spurs coach if he wanted ...

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Obviously, Sex Makes You Happy

The next time you’re tempted to pass up on weekly sex, don’t! There’s a new study making its rounds that states that the couples who have sex once a week are the happiest. Is sex 1x a week best? https://t.co/pi7KORCG9n Silly study – every couple different. — Dr. Ruth Westheimer (@AskDrRuth) November 18, 2015 The study, which was published today ...

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Nice Airlines Finish Last: There’s No Profit in Happy Passengers

Filed under: Travel, Travel Industry, Airfare, Investing AP/LM Otero By SCOTT MAYEROWITZ NEW YORK — Passengers cherish Virgin America for its mood lighting, live TV, fancy cocktails and friendly flight attendants. That nice-guy approach to air travel wins awards and attracts a cult following, but may not fly with Wall Street. For all the accolades, Virgin America has lost $ ...

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