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White People Still Cannot Handle Beyonce's 'Formation' Video 

Following Beyoncé’s very good, very black performance at the Super Bowl, a collection of people with little to do and even less sense announced that they would be holding an anti-Beyoncé rally at the NFL headquarters. Great idea, guys. That’ll show her. Unfortunately for the anti-Beyoncé movement, they don’t seem like a particularly dedicated bunch: Nobody showed up for the ...

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Ebola Virus Outbreak: U.S. Nurses Say They Are Ill Prepared, Untrained To Handle Patients

American nurses say that they are untrained and unprepared to handle patients suffering from Ebola in emergency rooms across the country. Some of them have gone to their bosses, asking for more training and information on how to protect their families from developing the deadly disease. This contradicts statements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other ...

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