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The Walk movie about Philippe Petit is so scary it is making grown men flee the cinema

New movie The Walk depicts heart-stopping stunt pulled by Philippe Petit In August 1974, the Frenchman walked on a wire between the Twin Towers The crossing is revealed in all its dizzying glory at the climax of the film Petit traversed the 1,350-foot tall towers eight times wowing crowds below The tight rope finale of the movie has been called ...

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Face Grown On Breast After Teenager Suffers Horrific Burns

A Chinese teenager with woeful burns has been given a new face after it was grown on her breast. 17-year-old, Xu Jianmei, was heinously disfigured in a fire when she was only five-years-old, and this tragedy left her face scared and blighted, and without an ear, eyelids, or a chin. This week though she underwent a surgery in Fuzhou, a ...

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