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Jennifer Aniston — Drunk Driver Firmly Planted in Front Yard

EXCLUSIVE A drunk driver became an unwanted visitor at Jennifer Aniston‘s house Saturday night after the guy hit a curb and took out some of her plants. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … it happened at around 8:30 PM at her Bel Air estate.  It’s unclear if Jen was home,  but her rusty trusty security guy instantly called 911. When ...

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Hilton Hotel App Lets You Skip the Front Desk Altogether

Filed under: Travel, Lodging, Vacation Planning, Spending Hilton Worldwide Hilton has created an app that lets you choose a specific room ahead of time, skip past the front desk and go straight up to your room. And when you check out, there’s a button to send yourself a receipt with an itemized list of the fees you’ve rung up. “It ...

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Need Towels? The Front Desk Is Sending a Robot Right Up

Filed under: Technology, Travel, Travel Industry Getty Images By Justin Solomon Look out, Rosie the Robot, Starwood Hotels’ (HOT) Aloft brand has a taskmaster of its own. His (or her?) name: ALO (pronounced “el-oh”), the chain’s first Botlr (short for robotic butler.) Standing just under 3 feet tall, ALO comes dressed in a vinyl-collared butler uniform and will soon be ...

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