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First Person Lover is a shooter that replaces bullets with feelings

There’s a game where you can shoot people’s clothes off with pastel bubble guns. It’s called First Person Lover, it’s here to sell you sportswear, and it gives me hope for the future. First Person Lover was teased by Isbit Games a few months ago in a parody of the comically self-serious Hatred, an upcoming Polish mass-murder simulator starring a man-sized ...

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Johnny Damon — I’m Cool With Boston … No Hard Feelings

EXCLUSIVE The ice is thawing in Boston … at least between the Red Sox and Johnny Damon who tells TMZ Sports he’s made serious progress in repairing his relationship with his former employer.  Just last month, Damon told Donald Trump he hadn’t been on speaking terms with BoSox owner John Henry since he left the team (on icy terms) back ...

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