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Zika Worries Mothers In Columbia Over The Future Of Babies Exposed To The Virus

Zika is a worrisome disease for many pregnant women, especially in Brazil, but in Columbia the disease is impacting expectant and new mothers in a different way. The mosquito borne illness has affected the fetuses of expectant mothers in Brazil on an astounding level. Hundreds of babies have been born with microcephaly, or abnormally small heads which will affect the ...

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LAPD Cops James Nichols, Luis Valenzuela Accused Of Raping ‘Desperate, Exposed’ Women While On Duty

The chief of the Los Angeles Police Department has called narcotics officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols a disgrace to the badge. Their union president says their crimes and arrest Wednesday are “deeply disturbing.” The lawyer representing one of the men’s victims calls them “scary, freaky guys.” The men stand accused of violating the public trust by repeatedly raping vulnerable ...

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