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Desiigner — Gun Charge Dropped

Desiigner just caught a big break … the D.A. has dropped the felony gun charge for which he was arrested Thursday night, but he’s not out of the woods. Law enforcement tells TMZ, they cased the SUV in which the “Panda” rapper was a passenger, but found no gun.  The arrest for felony possession of a loaded gun was based ...

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Desiigner — Drug Charges Include Methadone, Steroids and Oxycontin

Desiigner is in a heap of trouble, because TMZ has learned the drugs cops allegedly found in the SUV in which he was riding included OxyContin, methadone and illegal steroids. TMZ broke the story, the passengers in the SUV and the driver of a car were involved in a road rage incident Thursday night on the streets of New York. ...

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Desiigner — Fresh Outta Jail … Still Hype As Ever (VIDEO)

Desiigner is a free man after being locked up for his road rage incident … and one thing’s for sure, the pokey didn’t put him in the dumps.  The “Panda” rapper was just released after his arraignment in NYC Saturday morning.  No surprise … he didn’t talk much about the charges on the way out, but he sure insinuated the ...

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