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Several Dentists Take Part In Dentist With A Heart Program

Several dentists in different parts of the country have been, and still are, taking part in the Dentists with a Heart Program. The Dentists with a Heart Program is a great program that allows for those who don’t have dental insurance, are out of work, or just can’t pay for their dental exam, to come in and get certain things ...

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Fruit Juices Badly Rot Toddlers’ Teeth, Dentists Claim

Despite being slated as healthy, many fruit juices actually rot the teeth of toddlers, with at least 1,200 under-twos having had teeth removed in Britain in 2014. Dentists and other medical professionals are now trying to discourage parents from filling their kid’s bottles with fruit juice, a much-preferred beverage option by many toddlers. Most of the 1,200 kids who had ...

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