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Don’t Eat Daffodils: U.K. Officials Warn People About Dangers Of Consuming Daffodils

Public Health England has issued a letter to supermarkets saying that daffodils should not be in the fruits and vegetables aisles, so people don’t think they are food and actually eat them. According to the Daily Express, the letter notes that daffodils have often been confused for garlic chives, which are used in Chinese recipes. And if people eat the ...

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Hagel Warns Against Dangers of ‘Hubris’ in Military Might

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned against isolationist rhetoric during a speech at the Global Security Forum Tuesday morning. The secretary of Defense on Tuesday cautioned Americans, including those in Congress, not to ignore the rest of the globe at a time of revolution for the U.S. military. The world’s largest defense infrastructure is changing its weapons, strategies and checkbooks, while ...

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