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The NSA is merging its cyber offense and defense teams

The NSA is creating a Directorate of Operations over the coming months to fuse together its offensive and defensive cybersecurity teams, according to a speech given at the agency today. Essentially, the team that collects information about system vulnerabilities in order to exploit them for espionage purposes will work alongside the team that collects information about vulnerabilities in order to shield ...

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Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: What to Buy When

Filed under: Holiday Shopping, Secret Shopper, Deals, Shopping Trends Alamy By Marcy Bonebright Sometimes shopping during Black Friday can feel like betting on a prize fight. You plunk down all your money on a great pair of shoes on Black Friday, only to see their price get knocked down during a Cyber Monday blowout. But how can a shopper know ...

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An Insider’s Guide to Scoring Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Filed under: Holiday Shopping, Travel, Secret Shopper, Airfare Alamy By Brendan Spiegel While the day after Thanksgiving — a.k.a. Black Friday — may be the best time to stampede your way toward a new flatscreen TV at a discount, when it comes to booking a getaway, nothing beats the sweet travel deals that you can snag on Cyber Monday. Market ...

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