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This 3-minute teaser for ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’ is pretty much just two scenes and weird country music

Anyone who stayed up to the end of AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon on Sunday got a big surprise: a three-minute Better Call Saul teaser featuring country music icon Junior Brown and a flailing demonic airdancer. The big news is the theme song, a darkly hokey country tune that doubles as Saul’s official jingle, telling tales of murder, kidnapping and arson. ...

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Robert Siegel On Qatar: Tiny Country, Big Influence

Robert Siegel On Qatar: Tiny Country, Big Influence Parallels Rebel Leader: Nuns Were Led To Safety, Not Seized, In Syria Report: West Can Use Science To Forge Ties With Iran The Two-Way Senators Cross Aisle To Call For New Sanctions On Iran World

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‘A Country Christmas,’ TV review

Lifetime isn’t letting any other network — and yeah, Hallmark, that means you — get out to a big lead in feel-good holiday movies. “A Country Christmas,” which is being billed as a Dolly Parton movie, has everything a viewer needs to escape for two hours from this mean old world into a place where the better angels win. Credit ...

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