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Netflix’s content boss discusses the company’s plans for world domination

Netflix made the biggest announcement of CES today, rolling out its service to 130 new countries while CEO Reed Hastings was onstage delivering his keynote speech in Las Vegas. The company has been on a tear for the last year, winning a bevy of awards for its original content and adding subscribers at a pace which has sent its share ...

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BitTorrent partners with studio to make more original, exclusive video content

BitTorrent has had ambitions to be a player in the content space for some time now. The company’s BitTorrent Bundles currently offer a variety of movies and music — most of which are smaller, independent releases, but the company also works with high-profile studios and artists like Sony Pictures Classics, Universal, Madonna, and Thom Yorke, the latter of whom put out ...

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Cancer Victim Told ‘Your Face Or Your Life.’ Which Would YOU Choose? [Warning, Graphic Content]

The Daily Mail is carrying the heartrending story of Donnie Fritts, 55, a retired carpenter who, in 2003, was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. His doctors told him that he would have to make an agonizing choice – his face or his life. This type of cancer is so rare, there have only ever been 26 recorded ...

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