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Coffee Lowers Death Risk: Moderate Consumption Helps Longevity, Suggest Studies

A few cups of coffee a day lowers death risk, indicated researchers from the Harvard. People who drink coffee daily are less likely to die from heart disease, neurological disease, type 2 diabetes, or suicide as compared to people who do not, concluded a new study. A new study, published by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, studied ...

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Genetically Engineered Salmon Declared Fit For Consumption And Ready For Sale In U.S.

Genetically modified salmon are designed to grow faster, and federal regulators have declared that these fish are safe to be consumed. Salmon is now the very first genetically altered animal approved for sale in any American supermarkets and declared dinner table ready. The announcement came on Thursday, and the approval from the Food and Drug Administration also gave companies who ...

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Aspartame Deemed Safe For Consumption In Europe

Aspartame was deemed safe for human consumption by the European Food Safety Authority. Although the artificial sweetener has been linked to a number of ailments including cancer, food safety regulators said it is safe when consumed at approved levels. Like all artificial sweeteners, Aspartame is composed of chemicals. Its main components are amino acids and wood alcohol. It provides the ...

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