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Dementia Linked To Heartburn Drugs, But The Connection Isn’t Really That Clear Cut

A study out of Germany has found a link between heartburn drugs and dementia, but for now, no one is being told to shelve their Nexium pills just yet. At the very least, the link between heartburn drugs and dementia only suggests that this class of medicine is not quite as safe as doctors once believed. The study also adds ...

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Heartburn Drugs Linked To Dementia, Research Finds Possible Connection Of Brain Disorders To PPI Drugs

Heartburn drugs, also known as proton pump inhibitors, may be linked to an increased risk for dementia, according to researchers in Germany. The study, published February 15 in the journal JAMA Neurology, did not solidly prove that taking PPI drugs caused brain disorders, but it showed a statistical association between heartburn drugs and dementia in elderly patients, said Britta Haenisch ...

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