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Meet the CFP QB class with a Heisman winner, future No. 1 picks and more

8:00 AM ET It would be hard to imagine a more star-studded crop of quarterbacks than the four we have in the College Football Playoff. There’s Joe Burrow, from No. 1 LSU, who has taken the country by storm this year, transforming the Tigers’ typically stodgy offense and winning a Heisman Trophy along the way. On the opposite sideline during ...

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Did This 'Tiara-Wearing Lunatic' Bite a Fellow Plane Passenger or Is It Just a Case of Class Envy?

New York art curator Stacy Engman (who has a very colorful Instagram, for what it’s worth) was issued a summons for assault after allegedly biting a fellow first class passenger on a flight from Istanbul to JFK last summer. The best detail of the case: Engman, ever the elegant lady, was wearing a tiara when the biting supposedly happened In ...

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Iowa’s Aaron White hit with bogus ‘Class B’ technical foul, which apparently exists

In the second half of Iowa’s game at Michigan Thursday night, Hawkeye big man Aaron White was the recipient of an extremely dubious technical foul after this was classified as hanging on the rim: Since White had been T’d up earlier in the game for taunting, the common thought was that his evening was done. Not so, apparently, as White’s ...

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